7 Reasons to Have an Intimate Wedding

Have you started dreaming up your perfect wedding?? You know exactly what I mean. The wedding of your DREAMS with all eyes on you, an extravagant dress, the perfect cake, the most beautiful flowers, AND a LIMITLESS budget…

Well, let’s face it. Not everyone is comfortable with that last item on the list above. As a matter of fact, many of us have a VERY LIMITED budget available.

I’m here to tell you that you do NOT need a large sum of money to have a beautiful, perfect wedding. Lately, having an intimate, cost-efficient, smaller wedding is becoming a popular thing.


Here are a few reasons to have an “intimate” wedding:

  1. You will SAVE so much MONEY.  You and your soon-to-be husband will be very thankful for the money you do not spend on an overly lavish wedding. Remember that you will be a newlywed couple, and there will be many financial responsibilities shared between you both. The thousands of dollars you may save could very well pay the down payment of a new car, or even a new house! (if you already own a house, imagine those horrid taxes being paid off with the money that you didn’t spend on your wedding.)
  2. You will be LESS STRESSED and MORE COMFORTABLE. Although you will still be in the spotlight, you will feel a lot less like a bug under a microscope with a smaller wedding and fewer guests. Plus, it is much easier to tend to 10-20 guests than it is to tend to 100-150 guests, for example.
  3. You will AVOID having friends who feel “left out”.  Most people would think an intimate wedding means leaving a lot of wanted guests out of the picture, but it can really be the opposite! If you tighten your guest list, primarily to close family and maybe the absolute CLOSEST of friends, you will avoid the issues of including TOO MANY people and accidentally leaving out other acquaintances. Your friends will understand why they were not included in your guest list once they understand that the guests were so limited (plus, they will still see all of the photos and videos!). If you have 150 guests and forget to invite your 15 coworkers that thought they deserved the invitation, things can quickly get awkward!
  4. You will have PLENTY of venue options!  I never realized how many amazing places could be options for an intimate wedding until last year, when I got married in San Antonio, TX.  Being from Houston, TX, I just knew that I would have to have a wedding nearby so that all my guests could make it. After downsizing drastically, I realized that I could really have my wedding anywhere I wanted! Our immediate family had no problem traveling out of town, and it made things way more exciting.  If a similar plan could accommodate you and your guest list, think outside of the box for possible venues. Plus, you may be able to enjoy a sort of “honeymoon” wherever you decide on being wed!
  5. You will have more control over your big night. For some, it is very, very important to follow traditions and a strict schedule for a wedding ceremony, which is completely understandable. With a small wedding, however, it is easy to customize your schedule of events. If you would like to change the pace of things and maybe celebrate less formally, you could do that! If you don’t have a fancy caterer, but your family is willing to bring dishes for a dinner, you could do that! If you want to hold your reception at your favorite restaurant, you could do that. See where I’m going with this?
  6. Your wedding will NOT feel like it is for show.  It’s not that I feel like all big weddings are for “show” (I think big weddings are amazing, and I praise those that are able to pull them off and go about the happily ever after!).  Nevertheless, a smaller wedding becomes less about the guests and more about you and your future spouse. Getting married is more than a wedding. It is a dedication to devote yourself to another human being for your entire lives. Instead of worrying yourself about whether everyone will like the setup, or your dress, or the food, you are able to celebrate your wedding for what it is, a beautiful new beginning.
  7. Your wedding will feel PERFECT. Okay, I know perfect is pretty impossible, BUT given the six reasons listed above, the odds of things going well is like… a gazillion to one! You will be more able to afford and find the perfect dress (which by the way, does NOT have to be your usual wedding gown. I’ve seen beautiful wedding dresses for intimate weddings that really display the bride’s personality through color OR style!).  You will be able to find a beautiful venue nearly anywhere that you’d like. You will be able to enjoy your night with the best of company. With everything downsized, you will really be able to perfect the features of your wedding, with much more affordability.


With one night only, it is important to plan your wedding to your exact wants and needs. Yes, it will be stressful! Yes, you will be confused! Yes, if you read this article, you will understand that I truly support and promote the idea of a smaller wedding.  For those of you that decide to have an intimate wedding, I would love to provide advice for planning your wedding. Feel free to reach out to me via comments or my contact page.


Stay tuned for new articles that will provide more tips for planning and beyond… !!!



12 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Have an Intimate Wedding

  1. Hey that worked haha.
    Love this, my wife and I had quite a small wedding with mostly family and close friends that came.

    We did want something a little bigger, but due to the budget we were on we had to have something quite small.

    I’ve never been so busy in my life!
    The whole day I was running around and sorting people out haha, it was still amazing.
    That feeling of seeing the person you love coming down the aisle is something I shall never forget…

    Is this what your blog will be about in future? A relationship survival guide type thing?


    1. Well thank goodness you chose something small that fit your budget! A friend of mine took out HUGE loans due to his restrained budget and very persistent requests from his wife! Haha.

      Just imagine if you DID choose to have a larger wedding, and all that stress was multiplied!

      Yes, I do plan to blog about my personal experiences in my relationship with tips to a positive marriage, our journey to grow our family and give birth to our first child together, and general advice for those looking to take the intimate wedding route! Every now and then I may throw some off topic posts into the loop 😡

      Thanks so much for the feedback!


      1. No problem, I’m trying to get as large a network as possible at the moment, keep the ball rolling as it where haha.
        We’re going to renew our vows in a few years when we’re in a more financially stable spot.
        Plus were expecting our second so maybe it’ll be when we’re a lot older and wiser haha


  2. I love your post. I have had the experience of a lavish wedding and a more intimate one. The lavish one left me exhausted and frazzled whereas the smaller, more intimate one was beautiful and allowed me to enjoy my day and make memories. It was more about us as a couple rather than a circus.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice post and I sooo agree with you.

    I don’t know if I’d ever get married, but if I do, I know I don’t want some big fancy wedding. I honestly don’t really understand the point of wasting all that money for only one day! Ideally I think I’d prefer to have like a small and quick ceremony like in a park or garden, and then celebrate with only close friends and family with like a really nice barbecue that goes on all day and night! That’s like my dream wedding. No need for fancy locations with overpriced catering and inviting anyone from your grandmother’s cousin, that you saw last time when you were 10, to that friend that you haven’t spoked with in 2 years!

    Intimate wedding rules! hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely love this comment! And honestly, your idea of your dream wedding seems immaculate. I’m a photographer, and I’m sitting here just imagining how beautiful a wedding and celebration like that could be, especially in photos. If you do get married one day, stick to your plan! It will definitely be worth it 😊

      Thanks for the feedback,

      – Deborah M.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh thank you!! 🙂
        I’ll stay tuned so maybe I’ll find out some more inspiration in case that day will ever come!
        I first still have to find a boyfriend and keep him though haha
        Ciao 🙂


  4. I’m a 24 year old man and currently in a serious relationship with the woman I hope I will one day be able to call my wife. Your post hit the nail on the head in many regards as I found myself relating-to and agreeing-with many of the points you raise.

    I’ve never been much of a material person and I have stressed the importance of not going overboard should we decide to tie the knot to my girlfriend. Sure, we will have to find the balance between her “fairytale wedding” and saving some money, but as I explained to her, I’d much rather use our hard earned income on experiences and getting our life on track rather than blow it all in one day!

    Furthermore, I am half-Spanish half-English, and she is half-Chinese half-Guatemalan, but we both currently live in NYC. Organising a big, fancy wedding in any of the aforementioned locations will prove expensive just in travel costs to get relatives out there!


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback, Jason! I am happy to hear that you have found the person you want to spend your life with, and I am sending my blessings your way. I think you have a great outlook on your future wedding, and I hope that you are able to find that perfect balance within a reasonable budget. My husband and I had an EXTREMELY private wedding, with guests you could count on one hand, and it made things much easier for us. As small as it was, I can still easily say that I had my fairytale wedding, and it really allowed us to enjoy the entire weekend in celebration of our marriage.

      If/when you have children, I can only imagine how beautiful they will be! I am Korean/Caucasian and my husband is African American, so our babies will have a quite a blend, as well.


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